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Digital Product Passport

Flexible and interoperable, DID-based, blockchain anchored DPP

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DPPs open up possibilities for innovative workflows, focusing on the flow of tangible goods, for consumer and regulatory information. Our DPP is cross-sectoral, flexible, based on common rules, principles, taxonomy, and standards. The DPP covers circular economy (using the ValueFlows ontology) and can be used to describe digital twins for industrial and consumer applications.


Our DPP offers Tracking and tracing of products and materials, collaboration on designs and delivery of services. The DPP accommodates complex supply chains scenarios, where multiple products or services make their way into the final product, as for example a custom made bicycle based on open source designs, repurposed clothing or refurbished machines.


The actors performing operations in the products and services stored in the DPP, are described using the W3C-DID method based on Zenroom, making the resolution of the actors interoperable, verifiable and private. The DPP along with the W3C-DID is anchored on blockchain, making it tamper-proof. It’s generation and storage can be triggered by smart-contracts. The DPP is stored as a JSON object and can be easily adapted or translated to other file formats.

The DPP is developed in collaboration of the Intefacer consortium and is the evolution of a prototype developed within the case-study winner H2020 REFLOW Project.