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Quantum-proof cryptography

Multiplatform, easy to integrate quantum proof cryptography in Zenroom: https://zenroom.org

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Why quantum-proof crypto?

Imagine that it’s fifteen years from now and someone announces the successful construction of a large quantum computer. The New York Times runs a front-page article reporting that all of the public-key algorithms used to protect the Internet have been broken. Users panic. What exactly will happen to cryptography? (Daniel J. Bernstein “Introduction to post-quantum cryptography”, 2009). See see our post on Medium.

The standards

A six-year effort managed by NIST, which in 2016 called upon the world’s cryptographers to devise and then vet encryption methods that could resist an attack from a future quantum computer that is more powerful than the comparatively limited machines available today. The selection ended in 2022 and constitutes the beginning of the finale of the agency’s post-quantum cryptography standardization project.

Human readable quantum-proof crypto

Dyne.org implemented in our Zenroom virtual machine, 3 of the 6 algorithms selected by the NIST competition, precisely the signature algorithm Dilithium2 and the key-exchange algorithms Kyber and NTRUP (also implemented in the latest OpenSSH). Since Zenroom is fully portable on most OS and hardware platforms, the quantum-proof algorithms can be used on servers, desktop, mobile apps, can run in the browser as well as on ultra-low power Cortex-M chips.