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Signroom: electronic signature service based on Zenroom https://github.com/ForkbombEu/signroom/

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User-friendly web-based service, leveraging Zenroom’s cryptographic capabilities, allowing users sign documents and objects, using W3C-DID identities.


  • Signatures:

    • Sign and verify messages and documents (pdf, doc, excel files, pictures etc) using quantum proof signature, ECDSA, EDDSA and Schnorr signatures
    • Sign and verify documents using XADES, PADES, CADES, JADES for the signatures supported by the standards
    • Produce and verify zero-knowledge proof credentials, for “privacy by de-sign” disposable identities
  • Cryptography:

    • Produce and verify W3C-VC credentials, using the standard ECDSA signa-ture, as well quantum-proof signature using the ietf draft implementation
    • Produce and verify multi-signature, using “privacy by design” principles, based on the “Reflow” crypto multi-signature paper

Advanced features

  • DID and identity wallet: users receive a DID containing all their public keys, based on https://dyne.org/W3C-DID/
  • DID documents can be stored which can be stored on file -system, database, git, IPFS and blockchain.
  • Web based and mobile friendly
  • APIs: the signature, credential and verification flows will be made available to third party integration via documented REST APIs.


Repo: https://github.com/ForkbombEu/signroom (currently private)