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Ultra-portable lightweight VM for cryptography and blockchain interop: https://zenroom.org/

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Blockchain interop

Blockchain interoperability is the ability of blockchains to communicate with other blockchains, enabling data exchange and transfers of tokens or assets across different distributed ledger technologies.

Zenroom offers interoperability between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fabric, Sawtooth, Iota, Planetmint, meaning that a single Zenroom smart contract can perform operations on each of these ledgers, allowing operations as NFT or token transfer along with multilayer and multi-source data notarization. The capability has been used to develop the blockchain oracle Zenswarm.

Ultra-portable and ultra-light

Zenroom is a tiny secure execution environment that integrates in any platform and application, even on a chip or a web page. It can authenticate, authorize access and execute human-readable smart contracts for blockchains, databases and much more.

Nextgen cryptography

Zenroom performs signatures and verifications using ECDSA, EDDSA, Schnorr on the most widely used elliptic curves such as SECP256K1, BLS381, ED25519 (and many more, see full list). Additionally, Zenroom is capable of zero knowledge proofs based on Coconut, multi-party computation based on Reflow Multisignature, W3C-VC and quantum-proof cryptography based on the NIST competition winners (see our post on Medium).